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Here at Counterfeit Love, I want to celebrate those few folks around the internet that make tributes to their favourite fictional dates! For every goal directory that is met, the winner will have their shrine posted here for all to see as they browse through the directory. It's more a trophy position but hopefully it will help to give proper credit to your favourite fictional love ♥


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the legal stuff

All subject found on this site and within its subdomains are © to their original owners/creators. I in no way claim them and would like to emphasis that all opinions do not reflect the producers or anyone involved in the work. These are fansites, big or small. They will express the opinions of the writer. Thank you.

"Psst. Emrys. Whose the babe in the layout?" Oh right, how could I forget. The lovely bit of fanservice you see is Kyohei Rikudoh from Scandal in the Spotlight © Voltage Inc. The image was found at Tumblr.


If you wish to join the directory, there is just a small list of things that you need to take into account before you go filling out the join form!

1) For the sake of this directory, there is no need to trouble yourself over the thin line of whether a series is considered a dating sim or a visual novel: both are accepted here in this directory so long as there is a dating aspect to the game. For the sake of simplisity, all further rules will refer to it as the dating sim genre

2) This directory is open to all subgenres of the dating sim genre. This means that whether your tribute is from an otome, bishoujo, yuri/girls-love or yaoi/boys-love game, it will be accepted here

3) The game that your subject is from (character, relationship etc.) has to have the dating sim as the main interactive part of the game. That means games from series like Shin Megami Tensei or Fire Emblem wouldn't qualify because although they have components of a dating sim system, that is not the main focus of the game

4) Your site must be a positive tribute to a character, relationship or series that is directly related to the genre

5) Given the wide rating of the genre, this directory will allow tributes that contain 18+ content only under the condition that any pornographic images are marked appropriately with warnings. Please ensure that if your site contains adult content, that you choose the appropriate category in the join form so that your site may be listed accordingly

6) You must link back to the Counterfeit Love directory somewhere on your tribute (as long as it is there and it is clearly visible, I don't much care where you put it)

7) I will accept any site form of your tribute - be it a shrine, fansite or fanlisting.


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