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Here at Counterfeit Love, I want to celebrate those few folks around the internet that make tributes to their favourite fictional dates! For every goal directory that is met, the winner will have their shrine posted here for all to see as they browse through the directory. It's more a trophy position but hopefully it will help to give proper credit to your favourite fictional love ♥


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"Psst. Emrys. Whose the babe in the layout?" Oh right, how could I forget. The lovely bit of fanservice you see is Kyohei Rikudoh from Scandal in the Spotlight © Voltage Inc. The image was found at Tumblr.


Let's get real for a second - dating sim games aren't exactly percieved by the general public as normal. People tend to scoff at the titles and aspects of the game... but we know better, don't we? For those of us who play dating sim games, we all have our own reasons of why we love the genre. Maybe the game has compelling characters and we love it for the thrill of the adventure and challenge of the score. Maybe it's just simply for the romantic butterflies. Maybe you play for the smoking hot men and women you get to take your chances with. Or, maybe you're just a lonely person who finds satisfaction over having someone - anyone - tell you they love you. No judgements here, folks. Dating sims were made to fill that void - whatever your crutch - and if playing them fills that empty space, that's the only reason you need.


This directory is for the subject of dating simulations of all genre and consoles. If you have a shrine, fanlisting or tribute/fansite of a dating sim from any genre - so long as the main premise of the game is the dating sim aspect - submit your links! All you have to do in return is link back here. It's that simple. And go!

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What is a directory goal?

A directory goal is just that - a goal. Here we not only want to link to awesome shrines featuring our favourite ladies but we also want to see more of them! So for each goal that is met, the "winning" shrine will be featured right here on the homepage in big shiny glory.


So, what are you waiting for? If you've been wanting to make a dedication to your favourite date but have been too worried about nobody appreciating it, that's what this directory exists for! We love our dating sims just as much as you and we would be nothing but happy to have yet another character to fawn over! ♥